Helping Schools and Students Learn at Home

Readorium is free to US schools (grades 3-8) from now through July 2020

Readorium knows that learning during this crisis can be challenging. As educators, we are here to help.

Our two programs, Readorium Rising Reader (grades 3-5) and Readorium Scholar (Grades 6-8):

  • Provide award-winning curriculum
  • Teach students Reading and Science
  • Engage students
  • Increase academic skills

Take advantage of our FREE program offering now!

  • Sign up for a free account for your student or class
  • We give you FREE access to the online learning tool
  • We help you create access for your students
  • Our learning specialists provide support every step of the way

Dear Friends in the Education Community,

The Readorium team shares your deep concern about the serious impact that COVID-19 is having on our communities, schools, and children. We believe that science has never been more important to the future of our world, and that we need to make sure our young people are equipped to solve the problems that we all will face in the future. Readorium’s mission is to give all students the tools they need to become independent, analytic readers and science enthusiasts.

We are humbled by, and deeply grateful for, the work you do. During this difficult time, we would like to help by offering our program for free to grade 3-8 teachers and students. With Readorium’s automatically-adaptive program, you will be able to track student progress, guide learning, differentiate instruction, and meet objectives from a distance. Teachers and administrators can access student progress data 24/7 and download resources to ensure success. Readorium Rising Reader (grades 3-5) and Readorium Scholar (Grades 6-8) will run on all desktops, laptops, or tablets with internet connection.

Once you submit the following form for free access to Readorium, you will be sent a registration email and instructions to administer Readorium to your students. Please provide your school or district email. We are unable to grant access to a personal email address. If you are a parent, please visit our individual subscription page.

Harriet Isecke and the Readorium team