No one could have ever imagined that our entire system of delivering education to millions of U.S. students would have changed so abruptly on March 13, 2020. Teaching during this pandemic has challenged the very foundations of our educational system. The incredible, creative work that educators continue to do to reach and teach students who no longer attend full-day school, has been nothing short of breathtaking,

In order to assist teachers in their work, I have compiled a list of resources that are useful for remote teaching.  Many of these resources for remote learning come from:  Most are free. or at a low cost for at least a period of time.  You can also find information to effectively use remote learning tools such as Google & Zoom at

I have divided this list of resources into three parts. Toolkit 1 has General, Reading and Language Arts, and Math Tools. In subsequent weeks, the Toolkit 2 blog will have Science and Social Studies Tools, and Toolkit 3 will have SEL and SPED Solutions, Social and Emotional Learning Tools, and Virtual Field Trips.

General Tools (most are free or low cost)

  1. ClassDojo  – Free download Primary Schools –
  2. Flipgrid  – Free, accessible video discussion experience for PreK and up
  3. Create website for remote learning
  4. Nearpod Create multimedia ad formative assessments (free for teachers)
  5. Ed Puzzle (Not free) To create interactive videos
  6. Seesaw – Student driven digital portfolios and simple parent communication. For iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks and Computers with Chrome or Firefox
  7. PearDeck (for google slides)
  8. Quizizz – Online games
  9. Wizer Interactive worksheets
  10. Quizlet – Flashcard and game generator
  11. ThingLink – to create interactive photographs – can be used with Google Slides
  12. easy and cool class whiteboard tool.  It’s great for formative assessments and for Pictionary!
  13. Wordwall – free site to create online learning games
  14. U-M Center for Digital Curricula proprietary but free-to-use software that provides teachers with tools to create curricula and collaborative lessons. Watch free webinars or search digital curricula repository.
  15. Best Apps and tools for the Flipped Classroom
  16. Jennifer Romaro – Google Meet Breakout Rooms-Create & Oversee

Reading- Language Arts

  1. Readorium – (grades 3-8) Teaches students nonfiction reading strategies with chapter books written at 10-12 levels that are aligned to NGSS and State Science Standards. Book levels and supports automatically adjust to students’ needs as they read and answer questions.
  2. Teaching Guided Reading Virtually – How to video
  3. ReadingPlus is offering free instant access to over 200 teaching resources for teachers and parents. Printable packages help develop reading comprehension in essential comprehension skills, including close reading, main idea and themes, interaction of ideas, use of language, structure, point of view, imaging scaffolds, reasoning and rhetoric, and comparative reading.
  4. Top Score Writing
    Every week, those who sign up for free remote access to this writing learning portal ​​​​for grades 2 through 8 will receive video lessons with downloadable resources. Students will learn various writing styles, including informative, explanatory, opinion & narrative. Sign up.
  5. About teaching writing:


  1. AdaptedMind Grades 1-8 (free for a month) Many online math lessons by grade level
  2. MathNook has added free games and puzzle for K-12. The site also offers worksheets, mobile apps, tutorials and teaching tools, as well as math stations and learning materials easily accessed by teachers and parents alike. View the website.
  3. Funexpected Math  For kids aged 3 through 7, this app features math-related games that can be accessed on any device with the Chrome browser free during the pandemic. Packs of math-related printable are also available. Play at home.
  4. Mathchops 
    This math tool helps students build core skills for standardized tests through adaptive games. Teachers can view high-level stats for their students, see individual questions, and create and assign quizzes. All questions have explanations and are graded automatically. Versions for SAT, ACT, ISEE, and grades 4 through 11 are available. Get started for free.
  5. SplashLearn is a curriculum-aligned learning program that covers kindergarten to grade 5 math skills through engaging games. Students can access any assignment or assessment for free, from home, through laptops, iPads or smartphones. Teachers and schools can create a free-for-life account.