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Beable® Education Acquires Readorium to Add High-Quality, Adaptive Science Content to its Next-Generation Literacy Recovery Platform
Addition of Differentiated Science Content Broadens Ability to Drive Literacy, Content Mastery, SEL, and Career Exploration
Lakewood, New Jersey, April 6, 2022 – Beable® Education announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Readorium, a leading provider of educational software that teaches reading comprehension skills through science text differentiated to students’ reading levels. Beable will integrate Readorium’s standards-aligned content into its industry-leading online Literacy Recovery Platform starting with the 2022/23 school year.
Created and ‘battle tested’ at the height of Covid, Beable puts all students grades 3-12 on the path to literacy recovery and gainful employment. By cultivating the whole child, Beable creates adaptive pathways for each learner that encompass social emotional needs, career exploration, and academic rigor.
“Readorium has an extraordinary track record for effectively improving reading skills while teaching science,” stated Beable CEO Saki Dodelson. “It’s a perfect addition to the Beable platform, which uses academic content differentiated to each student’s reading level, targeted scaffolds, and self-selected, high-interest readings to provide the time-on-task to drive literacy and content mastery.”
Susan Gertler, Beable’s Chief Academic Officer, added: “In addition to literacy recovery, Beable provides personalized career exploration based on students’ interests and values. With our new science content, students will develop reading skills while also developing a love for science. Beable can then channel students’ growing interest in science to STEM-related career opportunities.”
Harriet Isecke, Readorium’s Founder and CEO, commented that “Readorium was built by a dedicated group of educators passionate about reading and science who set out to change the way kids learn. We couldn’t have found a better home for our approach and our content than Beable, which has set out as we did to transform learning by bringing literacy, SEL, career exposure, and academic rigor across content areas together in a single platform.”
“We have long and deeply respected Harriet and the Readorium team for their innovation and impact. Readorium has won many awards for quality and efficacy, including a CODiE Award and Reimagine Education Award. Having won a CODiE ourselves in 2021, we are in the best of company,” Dodelson said.

Readorium teaches reading comprehension to students in grades 3 through 8 using science text that automatically adapts to each child’s level, as they progress. Kids love the content. They love the games, and they receive a personalized learning experience. Parents and teachers can get as involved as they want with progress reports and supplemental resources.

About Beable

Beable is the next-generation online Literacy Recovery Platform for grades 2-12. Created and ‘battle tested’ at the height of Covid, Beable puts all students on the path to gainful employment. By cultivating the whole child, the platform creates adaptive pathways for each learner that encompass social emotional needs, career exploration, and academic rigor. Beable automatically pushes grade-level content at each student’s reading level, together with targeted scaffolds and self-selected readings, for independent work in and outside the classroom. Students get the optimal time on task for improving reading and building skills, with as little or as much direct teacher involvement as needed. Most importantly, Beable drives literacy recovery at 5X expected gains with kids empowered to envision – and realize – their future possible selves.
Winner of the 2021 CODiE Award for the Best Advanced Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution, Beable also provides TestAhead, the personalized ACT/SAT test-prep solution that assures equity and access. Beable is a women-owned, public-benefit corporation launched by ed-tech visionaries Saki Dodelson, Susan Gertler and Rivki Locker.

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